Study 1 of 13 on Discipleship

“Today’s connected world can very well disconnect us from God and those around us. There are too many formulas for discipleship and too many who “borrow” from other humans to say “this is it! This is the true model of discipleship. I talked to an expert who read an expert who had lunch with a scholar…” Jesus…in his focus of God and his ministry to his community…should be how we lead our lives. Does our keeping of all of the commandments glorify God…or are they convenient only to us for personal or sub-cultural reasons? Are we treating those around us…even those who don’t believe like us…respectfully? If the Bible isn’t our basis of discipleship all other models are human attempts for human recognition. Give me the Bible first…show me you believe in this as model of discipleship…and then we can talk about discipleship at its best.” –Falvo Fowler

1. What are some ways we use the Bible today?
2. How did Jesus use Scripture to reach the multi-ethnic, occupied, world of his day?
3. How does that work in our cross-cultural environments?
4. How can we make sure that our study of Scripture doesn’t just become a study but a life transforming…life enhancing spiritual quest?
5. Matthew 5:17-19, what do these verses tell us about Scriptures place in our lives?
6. It’s easy to be sanctimonious and legalistic. How can we less like the leaders of Jesus times and more like Jesus?
7. Luke 24:32…what does it mean when it says their “hearts burned within?”
8. What should individuals and churches be careful of when using Scripture?